BE Yourself 做最天然的自己



Vegetable Cleaning Process

We wash the vegetables by soaking them in enzyme for 45 min. All vegetables are cleaned thoroughly before cooking.

Reasonable Price

We maintain our pricing affordable for daily meal and strive to keep our food quality finest as possible.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables As Main Cooking Ingredients

In Sushi Kitchen™, we practice plant-based diet. We use himalayan salt and brown sugar as seasoning. No mock meat in our menu. Enjoy our natural & fresh food.

Filter Water For All Cooking & Drinking

We filter and store our filtered water by using the method of Dr. Masaru Emoto to form the most positive crystal in water. Sushi Kitchen™ aims to serve the best to our customer! So all out soups & beverages are using complete positive crystalized filtered water.

Friendly Serving Crew

A person with big cheerful smile can give us a break! Taking a meal in the most relaxing mode is healthier & happier for human body. Come! Meet trus friends here in Sushi Kitchen™.

High Conciousness Vegan Cuisine

Sushi Kitchen™’s high conciousness vegan cuisine can avoid sickness, nourish your body & mind, and give you a vibrant life!

Comfy Environment

We clean our restaurant with enzyme, you are in a chemical-free zone. Just chill and relax!

Green Restaurant

Our food menu is designed based on “zero leftover food thrown in dustbin” philosophy.

Order To Cook

We Strongly believe the soonest we take the food after cooking, the better the nutrient is stored.

Healing Music

Our team chooses the most recharging song for you to enjoy alone with our hearty cuisine.


General questions

We serve plant-based Japanese and fusion cuisine in an environment that can brighten your feeling, comfort your body and mind.  We believe in love, fun, happy and respect to all life lifestyle

Part of our ingredients used are certified Organic. You may place an order for take out or through DeliverEat. A 10% service charge is applicable as a reward for our friendly serving crew who work diligently to serve you the best

Our operation hour may vary from branch to branch, you may locate us to find the nearest Sushi Kitchen™ branch around you

Sushi Kitchen™ uses the competency management system to educate and provide a positive environment for newly recruit members. We learn and play while working. Join us in a life changing decision! Think twice! Third! or Forth 🙂


We strongly recommend our customers to reserve a table so you will have a table ready for you when you arrive. It is a FOC service to serve you better. You can call us or send us a message on Facebook to place your reservation, locate us to find the nearest Sushi Kitchen™ branch around you

Private Event

Our restaurant is not set up for private dining room but we do offer hourly renting to suit your needs. We’re happy to advise you on food pairing depending on your budget we can design you a special one. We have been very grateful to join many magical moment with our customers,  like wedding party, birthday celebration, marriage proposal, romantic valentine surprise dinner and more…

Sushi Kitchen™ Menu

We use filtered water in all our food cooking and beverage. Our practice will be storing filtered water using system of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s technique to form complete positive crystallize water before using for cooking

All the fruits and vegetable skin will gather in a right portion and wait for 3 months to fermented into enzyme. It is a beneficial method to our eco-system, as well as in a business cost saving strategy

Our menu is created to cater for kids, look out for Kids Favorite in our menu, I’m sure your kids will love our foods!

If you’re feeling under the weather, please get advice from our serving crew to recommend or custom-made to meet your needs. And we have a few items are gluten-free, please also turn to our serving crew, we will serve you happily with big cheerful smile 🙂

Our food is egg-less, non-dairy, no honey, no animal products nor by-products and we do not serve alcohols.

Sushi Kitchen™ Franchise

You’re welcome to drop us your information to our email , and we’ll get back to you as soon as we could.