A Place for Us to REWARDS Ourselves.

Sushi Kitchen™ established at  year 2009. We are the 1st plant-based sushi in Malaysia. We used fresh fruits and vegetables as our core ingredients. Sushi Kitchen™ is a place for us to love ourselves, to rewards ourselves. Our food took 8 years to form into perfectly match modern living standard as a daily meal restaurant.

Mission & Vision

Brand Mission
To bring health to our customer while enjoying Delicious food and get umami in tastebud

Brand Promise
To provide Clean Relaxing Environment to every customer at every visit

Our Values
Sushi Kitchen™ mission is to be our customers’ 1st choice to enjoy guilty-free food – connect cheerful energy from our serving crew, you RSVP cheerful energy to your life.

We place “after meal body comfort experience” at the core of all we do
Body health is the huge reason for us to experience life on earth. We appreciated we are given the chance to serve highest quality by using fruits and fresh vegetable as main ingredients in our restaurant. Our goal is to be given a chance to serve you, for you to experience the comfort of plant-based food.

We are committed to our people
We treasured highly conscious talent. We use Competency Management System(CMS) for management team, Complete Life-Changing System for crew in restaurant. We respect mother earth as well as human freedom. Our continued success is the proof of our system.

We believe in Sushi Kitchen™ ’s System
Owning a Sushi Kitchen™ business model, is a life-changing decision. Food habit. owner interest & dream of all restaurant crew, is our foundation. The balance among these 3 groups is essential.

We operate our business with integrity&trust
Humanity are base on trust & honesty to survive. That’s the universe rules. At Sushi Kitchen™, we practice!

We are Green Restaurant
The whole system in Sushi Kitchen™ cut down as much as possible waste. There are no leftover food. Our menu design by “0” waste theory. We turned deep frying oil to dish washing soap. We turned fruit skin into enzyme to mop floor, clean dining table and as a gift for customer birthday celebration.

We grow our business profitably
We grow from small business to cooperate. It is from a seed in 2009, into a paddy field in 2015. We works hard to provide sustainable, profitable growth for all members of our system and our investors.

We strive continually to improve
We considered ourselves a learning organisation that is spiritual and growing which anticipates and responds to changing customer, employee, system through constant evolution and innovation.